Michael Palumbo

Sound Artist // Scholar // Designer

Michael Palumbo (MA, BFA) is an artist and researcher interested in distributed creativity, human/nonhuman agency, collaborative design, and tinkering.

He is a PhD student in Theatre & Performance Studies at York University, and a member of the Distributed Performance and Sensorial Immersion Laboratory.

8:00 PM20:00

Game of Drones

An evening of distributed performances, live coding and laptop orchestras linking DisPerSion to Montreal and Palo Alto.


Chopper — Montreal, Toronto, and Palo Alto — Original composition by Chris Chafe. Uses temporal shifts from network latency as topology of the composition
TIDAL — Montreal & Toronto — live coding performance within a web browser
Camp Fire — Montreal — Based on nature sound around a campfire. Improvisatory, using the soundpainting conduction technique
Game of Drones — Montreal, Toronto, and Palo Alto —Tame, tonal, pleasant, gradually opening the heart


DisPerSion Lab, Toronto:
Ian Jarvis - Live Coder
Glen Hall - Saxophone
Michael Palumbo - Producer, Network & Audio Engineer

Concordia University, Montreal
Concordia Laptop Orchestra (CLOrk)
Dr. Michael Pinsonneault - Saxophone
Eldad Tsabary - Producer, Orchestra Director, Live Coder, Network & Audio Engineer

Centre for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, Stanford University, Palo Alto:
Nolan Lem: Saxophone
Chris Chafe: Producer, Network & Audio Engineer

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