Michael Palumbo

Sound Artist // Scholar // Designer

Michael Palumbo (MA, BFA) is an artist and researcher interested in distributed creativity, human/nonhuman agency, collaborative design, and tinkering.

He is a PhD student in Theatre & Performance Studies at York University, and a member of the Distributed Performance and Sensorial Immersion Laboratory.

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Game of Drones

  • Dispersion Lab (Room 334, CFA) 86 Fine Arts Rd Toronto, ON, M3J 3M6 Canada (map)

An evening of distributed performances, live coding and laptop orchestras linking DisPerSion to Montreal and Palo Alto.


Chopper — Montreal, Toronto, and Palo Alto — Original composition by Chris Chafe. Uses temporal shifts from network latency as topology of the composition
TIDAL — Montreal & Toronto — live coding performance within a web browser
Camp Fire — Montreal — Based on nature sound around a campfire. Improvisatory, using the soundpainting conduction technique
Game of Drones — Montreal, Toronto, and Palo Alto —Tame, tonal, pleasant, gradually opening the heart


DisPerSion Lab, Toronto:
Ian Jarvis - Live Coder
Glen Hall - Saxophone
Michael Palumbo - Producer, Network & Audio Engineer

Concordia University, Montreal
Concordia Laptop Orchestra (CLOrk)
Dr. Michael Pinsonneault - Saxophone
Eldad Tsabary - Producer, Orchestra Director, Live Coder, Network & Audio Engineer

Centre for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, Stanford University, Palo Alto:
Nolan Lem: Saxophone
Chris Chafe: Producer, Network & Audio Engineer

Later Event: March 9
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