Michael Palumbo

Sound Artist // Scholar // Designer

Michael Palumbo (MA, BFA) is an artist and researcher interested in distributed creativity, human/nonhuman agency, collaborative design, and tinkering.

He is a PhD student in Theatre & Performance Studies at York University, and a member of the Distributed Performance and Sensorial Immersion Laboratory.

I have 8+ years of personal and freelance programming experience for digital media art contexts as varied as: instrument, controller and synthesizer design; installation art; theatre design; instrument effects & plugins; video games; and more. 

I am available for contract work, and private and group lessons in-person in Toronto and international over Skype. Get in touch with me here.

Select past teaching gigs:

Workshop: An Introduction to Creative Coding in Max
@ York University's Transmedia Lab Length: 3 Hours

FA/DATT 3935 3.00 - Creative Data Visualization - Sub-contracted Teacher for 1/3 of this course in Winter 2017 at York University.

FA/DATT 2301 3.00 - Game History, Genre, and New Directions - TA for two tutorials in Fall 2016 at York University.